Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Valentine's Day and the Office - On the Lord's Errand 2-16-14

Family!  Happy Valentine's day again!

Okay.  This week.  Transfer week.  Got lots done- did transfers, said goodbye to the people going home, met all the new missionaries, did some trainings, drove money to hospitals, went to meetings, and drove to the bottom of Luzon (this main island we're on) and looked out the ocean at the Tacloban Mission (the one ravaged by the big storm Haiyan, or Yolanda).  We know office work is good, and there's lots we're going to do to improve here, but that's not the most important thing.  I'll get back to that later. 

So Valentine's Day, right?  You'd think that missionaries would spend this alone with their companion and it'd be very unromantic, but guess what, we went on a double date!  It was totally awesome!     ......okay it was a "double date" persay.  A newly wed couple came with us Friday night to teach, thus, the double date - the couple, and my companion and I.  Still, not very romantic, but, we did talk quite a bit about love.  There's this family we teach that was less-active for the longest time (years) then this 1st Sunday of January they just decided that this 2014 year, they're going to come to church every Sunday and they're preparing for the temple trip at the end of this year.  We went to their house and talked all about the love of God.  Seeing the joy in the faces of others and feeling that you were an instrument to remind them of what they once knew....  love it.

I watched the video about President Monson's life (On the Lord's Errand.. http://www.mormonchannel.org/films?v=2253189596001) and I was so hit by all of the examples in his life of following the Spirit exactly.  Every time he felt to do something, he did it.  He wanted the Lord to know that if He ever needs anything done, He can "always call on Tom Monson". Saturday night we walked into the office after attending a baptism at the chapel right next to us.  We sat down and were going to do some random things and I thought of this.  We're on the Lord's errand.  This other stuff can wait.  I felt to go out.  And I wanted the Lord to know that now he can always count on me.....  In a burst of emotion the words flew out of me before I knew I was shouting it, "WE'RE NOT OFFICE ELDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!".  Madsen and Iooked at each other, both a bit amazed and taken aback, and within a minute, we were out the door and driving.  Just driving, ready to park in the middle of our area and go for it!  It wasn't until we were halfway there that we realized all we had were three Book of Mormons and a Bible, but we were still determined.  A few minutes later, an emergency came up and we had to race back to the office.      SO..... it didn't go like we thought, but our steam wasn't put out despite all that excitement only to be brought back.  But even now, I'm so much more motivated to get out and do work.  Missionary work. And work, work, work.  Trabaho, trabaho, trabaho. ... Love it

And I love you!  Bests, Elder Shane Brown

Pictures - 

1.  Some Elders got approved to have bikes.  Obviously someone had to test them!

2-3.  "You are now leaving the island of Luzon"

4-5.  Elders and a birthday for a primary kid (they fed us after we went to that baptism)  

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