Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Flexibility 3 31-14

Hello Family!

Right so the subject heading, “Flexibility”.  I’ll have you know that I’ve been stretching ever night trying to touch my toes.  The news is that I can’t quite do it, but I’m close!  This near-feat however is not the purpose of my subject.  The point is, flexibility in planning is great!

This week was transfer week.  Missionaries meet up in various places of the mission to be transferred to a different area or get a new companion.  The old ones go home, and now ones arrive.  Those training new missionaries have a day of workshops in preparation.  Plans for the transfer are set and there’s sense of busyness to it all.  To cut the long story short, because of bad weather, we almost got to drive to Naga (remember I used to be in that mission before it split) and then had to have the new missionaries take a 12-hour van ride from Manila because there were no flights.  Threw off the schedule quite a bit, but it’s okay, we’re flexible.  It was nice having a little extra time in the middle of the week.  So many unanticipated things came up though.  I’ll say that starting Monday evening when we realized we had so much more to do before the next morning until we finished everything Saturday morning, the whole week really was quite a blur.

Aaaaand that’s the week!  A blur!  I wish all the missionaries had the same vision.  I really do.  I love you all!  Thanks for all the support.  It means a lot.  It breaks your heart to hear about how much some of these new missionaries have sacrificed just to serve.

Pictures - 

1.  Rainbow - Lots this week.  It's been really rainy lately

2.  Some calves cuddling

11.  A parade (AKA the worst traffic jam ever)

12.  Trainers standing behind the new missionaries

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