Sunday, July 20, 2014

Christmas Week, the best 12 29 13


What an awesome week!  From meals at the mission home, Christmas, Skype, and baptisms, this week was the best!

I figured the skype call disqualified me from having to write an email home to you, but this week was too good not to.  I'll start with the Christmas things: Christmas Eve, we got to ho have an amazing dinner at the mission home.  A few days before, Sister Guanzon (our mission President's wife) asked for any dinner requests.  So I thought, what have I not eaten in a year and a half that I could probably request now?  ...TACOS!  So when we got to the mission home, not only were there delicious tacos,  but Shepard's Pie as well! - two Brown favorites (: And then Christmas, we woke up exrta early to come to the office and have our little Christmas.  Despite us forgetting to leave our cookies for Santa, he still came!  Later that evening was a combined "White Christmas" baptism.  Of course, my favorite bit was on Thursday (Christmas Day for all of you in America) when I got to skype call home.  What a precious joy that was!  I couldn't say enough about that.  I loved talking to each person I got to see (:

Saturday, we had another baptism.  This was different though.  Rather than the investigators (mom and duaughter) being taught by us, they were taught by the sister missionaries and asked me to baptize them.  I'm so grateful for htat.  Why?  Well, as Mom and everyone else pointed out way too mayn times on skype, I'm close-ish to coming home!  Anyways, after being out for a while, the key is to always stay fresh.  After a few weeks though in the office, I felt like I just kinda started going through the motions with proselyting work - even at the "White Christmas" baptism on Christmas Day.  With the skype call as a jump start though, the baptism on Saturday really rekindled everything.  Leading up to their baptism, I could feel the investigators excitement/ eagerness to enter those waters.  And when they came out, their joy was radiating, fully and completely.  It really, really touched me. 

And so here I go, sharing that same, beaming joy to all the world - nothing better, nothing so rewarding.  

Love you!  Elder Shane Brown

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