Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Another Week! 5-19-14


Skype was so great last week!  The best call of them all.  But that being said of course, I think it's taken me this long to finally get out of the bubble and realize that I'm still in the Philippines.  It's been a great week though!  Well, two weeks worth of updates here since I no email last week.

My birthday was great!  Now that I'm 21, I can do so much more. Thanks for all the birthday wishes!  We had quite a few adventures in the last two weeks.  My companion realized that he's going home in four weeks so we went on a picture taking spree on all of our drives plus last pday.  
Last week, a BYU student and three Filipina nurses came to our mission to do some screening for malnurished children.  We got to drive them around a little bit, that was fun.  I told the BYU kid, "See you in the Fall."  Wow.  Also, we went to the mall and there were a bunch of US troops doing an event promoting the army being here and helping to build schools/ train the Philippines army.  We talked to them for a few minutes.  They had a really cool art gallery for it (see pictures).  

Everything is going great with Vern!  He came to church yesterday which is his fourth time!  We hope he's getting close to baptism.  Yesterday he was telling us about a house for sale that he saw which he'll probably never be able to buy and he said if he doesn't get that house then he'll have to become a Mormon, so he's improving!  Remember how he had no money before?  Well now he's making 150 pesos a day or also $4 which is great for him.  On his way home from church yesterday, he said that he knew the jeepney driver so he got a free ride home.  Doesn't he see how much he's being blessed when visiting with us and coming to church?!  Hopefully it's starting to click.  Oh, we are in a trisome now.  Since Elder Madsen goes home next transfer, we got to have his replacement come in early so he's here for two transfers before I leave.  We've had lots of fun and hard work!  We are so busy these days.  It's just tuloy-tuloy this transfer

Okay that's it for my thrilling updates this week. Hope the pictures are a bit less rote ;)  Love you!

Elder Shane Brown

Pictures - 

1. What I wake up to everyday 

2-3.  Birthday Stuff (all those packages weren't actually for me...)

4-5.  Some of the US troops stuff

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