Sunday, July 20, 2014

"I thought all this stuff just magically happened!" 12 23 13

My Family!

Can I just say, I am so tired!  That's pretty much the description of my week.  Buuuut I'll expound on that a bit.

This week was new missionary/ trainers workshop, Mission-wide Christmas Conference, transfer planning, travel plans, planning for trainer's training and a lot more....  Can I just say, I thought all this stuff just magically happened!  But I guess there's someone who actually has to sit down and put it all together... That's us...  Hah, Christmas Conference was the biggest thing of the week.  We had to plan the whole thing for 180 of us to all be together at one conference.  This probably would be easier if missionaries had cars and other useful things like that (they don't).  President described it as a "logistical nightmare." was!  Haha although everyone else was enjoying the Christmas Spirit, it had Elder Madsen and I saying "Bah humbug" as we had to plan the whole thing (referring to Scrooge in The Christmas Carol.  It ended up going well though and we were able to sit down and enjoy a little bit of the actual conference (:  

Playing into the same topic is how late we've had to stay at the office doing stuff... hah it's so ridiculous.  Luckily though, after two weeks of being here, yesterday we finally got to go out and teach!  ...two lessons in two weeks!  We must be the best elders in the whole church!  It's fine though, probably in like two weeks things will maybe settle down a little.  

Saddest part of the week was saying goodbye to Elder Bangal.  He was the lead of our little two-week-tri-some we had going on in the office.  He left on Saturday and we got to take him and all the other departures to the airport.  Hah Madsen and I realized we were in trouble when we got back to the office and had to start planning some stuff.  Pretty much, we're both new here and don't really know what we're doing.  Same with the proselyting area!  He's only got three weeks on me and he was only able to go to church two times here and teach like six lessons before I got here so we're basically starting anew.  It's going to be a fun time! (:

Have a great Christmas!  I'm excited to skype home on Christmas Day!  
Love you! Elder Shane Brown

Pictures - 

1. Madsen, Bangal and I at the pier.  Sad to be separated!

2.  Lechon Baboy! ...(ward Christmas party)
More pictures - 

1.  Dropping Elder Bangal off at the airport.

2.  One of the elders got a package with those awesome 3D glasses kind of things that make light look like snowmen or Christmas  trees or whatever the glasses have on them.  Pretty fun.

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