Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The best ever ever ever ever ever.3-24-14

Mom, Dad and everyone else, can I be the one to say that life is good?  By the way, happy 26th anniversary to my parents on March 26th!

I can't do more than fall to my knees and cry because of how amazing this week has been.  It's too good to be true.  And I love it!  Can I let this paragraph be an introduction to the next four months of my mission emails?  Mid-way through the week, we were sitting in President's office discussing.  This led President to say, "Elders, let's go!"  We left to meet with a group of missionaries and President talked about time management.  Towards the end of the meeting, he called on Elder Madsen and I, "Look at these two elders, they're almost done.  Elder Madsen, when do you go home?"  "3 months."  "Elder Brown, when do you go home?" "About 4 months." "See, they are at the end.  In a blink of an eye, they will be on a plane going home, and they will have the rest of their lives and all of eternity to think about the two years they spent on their missions.  And in my opinion, they will get on that plane and have no regrets."  ...Okay, so what President said is true!  We really will be going home soon, and I agree, I'll be going home with no regrets.  It only gets better from here on out.

Remember the Paglinawan family?  This is the lady who has been inactive for almost 10 years then one day was praying for some one to show her the way and we knocked on her door.  So she and her daughter came to church last week.  Then on Tuesday, the sisters in the ward (bless these sisters!) went to visit her.  And we visited on a different day.  And by Sunday night, the whole family had come to church, the 18 year old daughter who wasn't baptized before wants to be baptized in just a few weeks, and the 19 year old son is best friends with Glen who has already started inviting him to everything! (Glen is the kid who had the dream about me.  He's know so so active now in the Church AND in the Gospel.  He's now the 1st counselor in the Young Mens' Presidency and is preparing to serve a mission).  And so, with something like that, and several others which I couldn't even begin to explain, I am over come with a renewed joy and love for missionary work and all those it affects.  I feel like the Paglinawan family is a tender mercy from the Lord to me for all the hard work we have been doing.  And I expect they'll be a motivation for me to continue working hard so we can get ourselves of the way and let the Lord do His work.

I love it all.  It's the best ever.  I'm as happy as ever.  Thanks for you love and support.  Happy anniversary again Mom and Dad!

Elder Shane Brown

Pictures - 

1.  Paglinawan son and daughter

2.  Our district

3.  The office for Elder Quinto's birthday

4.  Another picture from last week's zone activity.  Elder Madsen, Elder Nelson (couple missionary), and I.

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