Sunday, July 20, 2014

Trench Foot 12 2 13


What a week!  A wet week.  Hah, we are so sick of the rain here... Also, it was Thanksgiving this week!  Nearly as important was Black Friday.  Both of these were just of course two more American celebrations that went by unnoticed.  Luckily E. Todd and I found some mashed potatoes.  Things are great here.

As I said, this was a wet one.  Just so much rain.  As in, it literally rained, and rained, rained some more, and then decided it's been raining so long it might as well not stop.  Saturday was the worst.  Unfortunately, earlier in the week, we left our two small, collapsible umbrellas at the church and on Saturday, we decided to finally get them.  Huddled under my spare umbrella, we went to the church - our umbrellas weren't there.  So we scuttled along, trying not to get wet, and made it to the mall.  We were so feed up by the constant rain at this point that we marched to the umbrella section (they have those here) and demanded the absolute biggest ones they sell - 500 pesos later each and we proudly walked out to go teach.  Once we got to the area, we treaded some deeper water.  Now, you should know that E. Todd was wearing dress sandals and I had my rubber shoes.  Up to this point, I was laughing at Todd's feet getting drenched.  The rubber, water-proof shoes, it turns out, were fantastic...that is until you walk through a flood and are now carrying around two miniature lakes which have no way to get out of your shoes. (now I was the one being laughed at).  Evening came and it was pitch black and just torrential down-pour.  Our whole one hour walk back to the highway ranged from two inches to ankle deep water - time to go home!  Being convinced we surely had trench foot, we got home and spent the rest of the night soaking our feet in warm salt-water baths.  This was peaceful and soothing.  The most relaxing thing that ever happened though was when the rain finally stopped Sunday morning, and it's been clear skies since (:

I saw a guy drive through a tarp.  Hah, that was awesome.  Also, some stores are going so cheap here they just glue newspapers together for grocery bags.  And haha, we were eating at a restaurant place and a girl dropped her full ice cream sundae on the ground.  Rather than grab a mop or something, the workers tried to SWEEP up the ice cream - only in the Philippines...

I'm doing great.  We were soaked all week.  My socks all were doused in water.  Luckily E. Todd's camera is water proof so we got a few pictures.  I'm sure when it's summer again here I'll be missing the rain 0 the constant, unending rain.  We have another baptism next week and this month our new church is supposed to start to be constructed!

Pictures - 

1.  My big Thanksgiving mashed potatoes feast

2. Our Christmas tree and decorations.  Total cost: $1.25

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