Tuesday, July 22, 2014

On Fire! 5-27-14


What a week.  Busy, busy, busy.  HOT, HOT, HOT!

...BROWN OUT(s).  Remember brown outs?  (power outage?).  This week we were pleagued by them.  Usually during the day and not too bad.  However... One night, we were all ready to go to sleep.  Just about to climb into bed.  Then… brown out.  No lights.  No ref.  Worse so…. NO ELECTRIC FANS!  It’s hot enough sleeping in the kiln with them… I didn’t even try to get into bed without.  The thought of lying in bed without one was so utterly repulsive, yet I was SO tired, that I ended going out to the balcony and sleeping on a hammock.  I survived there for an hour until I woke up from sleeping in such a contorted position and pulled a mattress out downstairs where it was a little cooler.  Still desperately tired, I tried to sleep through the thick humidity.  I did.  20 minutes later, I woke up from a “BOOM!”  Not a fireworks or baby boom, but a boom from every light and electric fan in the house turning back on.  It felt so, so good to climb into bed with a frisky hot-air breeze blowing down on me (after turning all the lights off…).  Oh, another affect of summer is that we have no water from 7:30am until night time.  That makes for some fun experiences.

Well there’s my exciting story for the week.  In other news, we taught 14 lessons in the first day and a half of the week.  It was all set up to be our week to hit the standards.  Theeeeen we had to drive everywhere back and forth, people decided to get sick or accidented and go to hospitals, or we got to pick from a whole host of other things to do.  Standards week was, yet again, shot.  It’s pretty crazy that Elder Madsen goes home in three weeks.  Since it’s been so long, I’ll remind you that I was with two companions before they went home.  But then, it wasn’t so weird because I still had so long out.  Now though, it’s like, once Elder Madsen leaves, I’m next.  I feel like italicizing that expresses the shudders going down my spine every time I think about that (not unhealthily too often).  But rest assured, nothing is motivating me more to give it all than the ever-ticking clock.  Time is merciless.  No matter what we do, time marches on.  And I’m making the most of it!  Joshua was baptized yesterday! - Another step towards completing their family.  He has an aunt who just came to live with them and was able to go to the baptisim, we’re being blessed by our diligence! 

Love you!
Elder Shane Brown

​Pictures - 

1-8.  A nice photo shoot.  This would have been a lot prettier if Mayon (the big volcano) wasn't covered in clouds, but still, you get the essence of it.

9.  ​Ended up driving up north and brought all the missionaries' packages.  Got to stop by Elder Moncur's apartment on the way home - in n out hats!

10.  Joshua's baptisim!

11.  LOOK AT THE SUN!  (as we stared in awe at this, we felt like the little green aliens in toy story saying, "The claaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwww")

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