Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Discernment. 3-17-14

Hello, good morning family!

This week was awesome!  This morning, we got to go to a zone activity (with a little over 30 missionaries).  We went to Kawa Kawa which is actually a place that we used to go back when I was still in the Naga Mission.  This is close to the border of the Naga mission so I used to go there before and got to go back today!  Anyways, we had a good week.  Went by really fast.  Can hardly remember what we did.  But then I think real hard about it, remember everything and how great it is to me but might not be so exciting for you.  But the sister who was praying for people to come show her the truth then we knocked on her door came to church yesterday with one of her kids!  Well, yesterday, we had a very special experience.

Two things to remember.  1) Glen, the 21 year old who had a dream about me before he even met me then started coming back to church and 2) the gift of Discernment.  Two good things, here's how they connect:  Okay so Glen and his siblings are all super active now, but their mother isn't a member.  She had a stroke a few years ago and because of that, cannot speak and also struggles to do daily chores and things.  She can still walk well, but she can't write or lift heavy things or use her right side of her body well.  She used to be shy to us probably because she was embarrassed or was wasn't sure how we would react to her, but over the last few weeks, she has really been opening up to us (in the form of laughing with us and smiling when we come and wanting to be involved, etc.).  Last night, we were reviewing the first lesson with the recently baptized daughter.  We got talking about families. We asked all the kids what they liked about their families.  Every one had good answers but Glen was last, he said he really wanted to be sealed.  We talked about this and Sister became so interested.  Leaning in and listening, trying to take it all in.  When they were going around saying what they liked about the family, the turn came to Sister but of course she couldn't speak.  Here comes the discernment.  We knew she had something she wanted to say.  As we talked about the families being sealed, I had the most distinct impression that she wants this.  And that she had questions.  That she felt the Spirit, and wanted to pray about these things.  As I looked into her eyes, these thoughts came to me in the strongest impressions and I knew what she was thinking, even though she wasn't speaking.  And I said those things, and she starred right back into my eyes and it was so obvious and true that the Spirit really had told me her thoughts.  This was one of the most precious and tender moments on my mission.  I love this Sister so so much and know it'll be possible for this family to be sealed.  Certainly being able to speak never was a requirement to enter into heaven.  We will find a way.  I love the Spirit.  God is so great to people as undeserving as I!

Love you!  Elder Shane Brown

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