Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Another Week! 2-3-14

Hello Family!  Sorry I'm late, we went to a zone activity (go to a cool place with 20 other missionaries).  

First offs, New Chinese New Year!  Apparently in the Philippines the Chinese new year is a big enough deal to get a national holiday.  So that was fun (as in, a normal day of missionary life just combined with a little parade and some fireworks).  Who'd of thought though.  I guess we use Cinco de Mayo as an excuse for a holiday and that's not ours either is it?

This week was great!  ...busy!  We went to Catanduanes again!  Island travel sure was more of an adventure the first few times...  As soon as we got back from Cats, we had two days of leadership training which went very well!  I love the opportunities we get to help with all that.  Mostly I like being able to learn so much from President.  The next two weeks are going to be busy, busy!  We have transfer planning (figuring out which area will everyone go to next) this week and the actual transfer week the following week.

Does it get old if I just tell you all about the spiritual things I'm experiencing right now?  Before, I would always try and include something adventurous or a funny story or something in these letters to make them more interesting but after being in the office, I'm slowly running out of those stories!  I can't begin to describe though how often we have powerful spiritual moments.  Golden investigators, soooooo many people coming to church and just always feeling happy and motivated is how I would truly describe this week.  Wish I could tell you every story!  Pictures will have to do.  Love you!

Love, Elder Shane Brown

Pictures - 

1.  Cool view of the church and Mayon covered with clouds in the background.

2.  Suuuuuper vivid rainbow.  If you look closely, you can see the double rainbow above it.  That was really bright as well but started to fade before we could picture it.  Darn.

3-5.  Cool bread!

6-9.  Bits of the parade

10-  Missionaries

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