Tuesday, July 22, 2014

"Just one more" 1-27-14


And so life just keeps getting better and better.  As in, however happy and joyful I thought everything was last week, and the weeks before, it's even better now, and I've no doubt it'll continue to get better.  That's life!  

I got to go on exchanges this week to an area that I used to go on exchanges in this time last year! There's a surreal feeling for you.  On these exchanges, we got to do a lot of tracting.  First of all, there's a better way to find people to teach, but I love tracting.  When you don't have too much support from the branch and you're out of people to teach, it's tracting time.  So on Friday, we were out tracting and met so many different people.  It's amazing the amount of different life styles you can see in just a few hours of talking to everyone you see or pass along.  At the end of the day, we were ready to go meet up with some other elders for dinner, but we thought, "just one more."  I'm now taking this out of my journal entry: "The classic 'just one more' thing happened to us.  We saw a kid in his house not doing anything so we went and tao po'd [(rather than knocking on doors here, you just go outside and yell "people!' so someone knows you're there)].  He came out and after getting to know him, we asked something about what he thinks about Christ. He took a long time to think of an answer.  Normally, you'd want to let them take all the time they need, so that's what I was going to do, but then the thought came to me that he doesn't know much about Christ so I asked if he wanted to learn more and he let us in.  Turns out, his name is Albert and he's 21 yrs. old, and last year, his dad died.  We gave him an overview of the Plan of Salvation and it was just so inspired.  Our questions, our answers and our discernment was so guided and inspired.  I love the gift of the Holy Ghost."

And other exciting news....  had a lot of people we were really really hoping to come to church come.  Much more!  It was actually somewhat cold this last week.  Especially in the mornings it was cold, it made us laugh realizing that we don't even own a single blanket, just bed sheets only.  We are really having a good time.  Sometimes I think we're having to much fun to be missionaries, but missions are meant to be happy (:  Enjoy the pictures!

Love, Elder Shane Brown


1.  The elders' apartment we slept at on Friday was an upgrade from our usual showering with a ladle and scooping water from a barrel.  Look at this shower head!  I mean, it's just a flow of water coming out of the wall, but it was pretty great.

 2-4.  Some sweet pictures, right?

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