Thursday, July 24, 2014

Not hot, but I feel on fire 6-23-14


Biggest news of this week..... It's really, truly... RAINY SEASON!  Woohoo!  Can I tell you how good it feels to not feel incredibly hot while going to sleep? It's... Amazing.  Absolutely, amazing.  Yes.  

Right.  So this week was transfer week.  Old guys leave, new ones come in, we eat a bunch of good food, spend some time at the mission home, see everyone at the transfer points, etc.  Lots of people reminded me that for some of them, it was the last time that I would see them.  Others, I'll still see at some random things.

The feeling on fire part.  Right.  The couple who oversees family history work in the whole Philippines came to visit to do two cluster conventions.  We picked them up on Friday and drove them around a little bit from Friday, Saturday and took them back to the airport on Sunday.  We went to the convention here in Legazpi combined with a few other districts (smaller version of a stake) and they talked about family history work.  Basically, there's the whole push for "Hastening the Work" on this side, but what about the work in the Spirit World?  It's really progressing there.  And it's up to us to help them. So!  We've had a missionary sick staying with us, so we've been switching off with the office elders on having some one stay with him so the others can go work in there area, I was the one to stay with him after the convention so I got online and did some family history work!  It's more important and uplifting than I'm describing it.  In short, I've finally starting to catch the Spirit of Elijah.

Love you!

Elder Shane Brown

Max and Shane

 8.  The Couple Missionaries we were with (the two older ones next to us)
 Madesn at airport.. see you in 6 weeks

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