Sunday, November 17, 2013

COUNTING 11 17 13 Miracles!!


I usually through out the week collect several experience which I can write about to you on Pday.  This week, there were so many, but one thing that I cannot get over is COUNTING.

So, as you know, I’ve been the happiest missionary there ever was.  After the storm last week (my area is all fine here!), I realized how lucky I am to be here.  Here on my mission.  Here in my area.  Here at this time with the companions I’ve had.  Not just the time and place though, but everything that has gotten me here: my training, my previous areas, my granted hopes to be moved to the Legaspi Mission when the Naga Mission split, all the people I’ve met and taught, etc, etc, etc.  I guess, to put it simply, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Alright, let’s just back to where I am presently: Just finished the favorite transfer of my mission.  You’ve heard of that church movie “17 Miracles”?  Basically about the early sainted coming to Salt Lake and 17 of the miracles that happened to the people on their journeys.  So I decided to count the miracles I’ve seen in just the last transfer.  As I tallied, my pen could hardly keep up with how much I was reading.  Meaning to say, I’ve witnessed more miracles that I can express to you in a simple, rushed email!  These miracles include true conversion, being led to others, others being lead to us, families coming back to church, being perfectly guided in giving Priesthood blessings, having everything we planned fall through just to have a more perfect way be opened to us, etc, etc, etc.  Remember last transfer when I was so excited that one Sunday about 51 people coming to church?  Okay, ready for this Sunday’s number? … 64!  11 of whom were investigators!  Does anyone realize that this 64 is double what it was when I first arrived in this area?  I hope I never get transferred, I love it so much here!

So to say it again, this week I’m been COUNTING.  Counting miracles – the miracles I see now, and the ones that got me here.  One more time… I’m the happiest missionary there ever was (:
Love, Elder Shane Brown!

P.S. “There is nothing so wonderful—nothing—as tasting the joy and success of missionary labors.”
-Elder LeGrand Richards

Pictures - When you're companion is going home, you get a lot!  Enjoy -

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  1. Hello!
    I'm loving reading about Shane's adventures and looking at his photos. I have a daughter who's serving in the Philippines too, but she's in the Olongapo Mission.
    I wanted to invite you….We're working on creating Facebook pages for all of the missionary families serving in the various Philippine missions. Here's the address for the Naga Mission page:
    I hope your family will consider joining us!