Sunday, November 17, 2013

Swarm of Progress 9 30 13

Hello Family!
Well, another week has zoomed by!  Lots of great things happening here though.  Some stories:
Okay, two things you should remember: 1. It rains here randomly always.  2. We love to stand on the back of jeeps and hang on to the rail on the roof to have our upper bdies lying through the wind.  Now, this:  We were coming home one night on the back of a jeep (as descibed) when it felt like it was just starting to drizzle.  I looked up at the sky - no clouds.  Not abnormal though to somehow have rain with no clouds.  Anyways, as it was "drizzling", a bug hit the corner of my mouth.  Then in started to "rain" harder.  All of a sudden, bugs where everywhere!  It wasn't raining - we were just driving through a massive swarm of bugs!  Just pelting them!  ...YUKS!  This gross story was not a highlight, thought I felt it might as well be shared in attempts to spice this up a little..
You'd think there couldn't be anything better than that... But! there is.  Remember that one dad who walked like an hour and a half with a crazy bad hernia just to get to church a few weeks ago?  Well guess what, he and his family are totally active now!  The mom and dad gave talks in church yesterday!  We were teaching them the other day and the mom was like, "You know, up until the Sunday I came back to chuch (3 weeks ago), I was a total active minister in the            church."  She went on of course to describe how she was truly touched this time and will never leave the church again.  Moreoever, she's trying to figure out now how she can share our messge with her father and siblings.  She and the whole family have felt a strong witness of the Spirit that this is truw.  This kind of echoes what the Lord said in Ether 4:11 about people who believe, "...him will I visit with the manifestations of my Spirit, and he shall know and bear record."  So this family has felt the Spirit, knows what it is, and now seeks ways to bear record of it.  Needless to say, they are a great strength to our little group!  ...PROGRESS.
Last piece of surprising news - it's October tomorrow!  How fast the time!  I'm doing great.  My companion goes home next week.  Weird.  Whelp, love you!

Elder Brown

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