Sunday, November 17, 2013

Super Typhoon Yolanda - International name "Haiyan" ...I'M SAFE! 11 11 13


First of all, I'm safe!  I'm sure most of you heard about Super Typhoon Yolanda - International name "Haiyan".  That's the topic for this week.  Read my transcribed selected journal entries:

Wednesday, Nov. 6 - "Good morning, please inform all of the missionaries in your zone that there will be a super typhoon tomorrow afternoon to Friday morning...  be prayerful, alert, and be wise.  We have a "curfew" tomorrow 4PM in the afternoon all missionaries must be in their apartment.  If earlier than 4PM you feel that it is not safe to be outside go in your apartment.  Thank you."  "President Guanzon has instructed us to relay this... All missionaries should prepare food and water, candles and to load up their cell phones enough for 3 days.  All missionaries whose residences are near mountains and shorelines are to move inland with other missionary apartments.  Everyone should be home and remain indoors nutil after the typhoon..."  So those were the texts that came from the office today...

Thursday, Nov 7 - "If you have any money on your cards, please withdraw now.  ATMs will be expected to shut down for 1 week during the typhoon." ...this was another storm text.  So much hype....  No storm yet.  Apparently it'll landfall in Samar around 9AM.
We went forth with the zone training this morning.  The whole time, all the church leaders were having an emergency meeting then bought supplies for the next few days (two sacs of rice, huge boxes of canned tuna, etc.)

Friday, Nov 9 - -Storm update- Last night around 2:45AM, I woke up to E. Williams about to open the door to go outside (our room is on the roof).  As soon as he turned handle, the door swung open!  I was getting soaked there in my bed because water was getting through my windows - the wind was insane.  We went downstairs and there was water all the way down the stairs that had come from under the door!
This morning was normal when we woke up then halfway through personal studay it all of a sudden got crazy again.  Our bedroom door flung open on it's own!  We spent 45 minutes making baracades and mopping.  We have no water pressure and lights flash as electricity cuts on and off.  12:36PM - Lost power.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand that was my first real bagyo (storm) experience!  It's always rainy here, but of course, this one was different.  Life is pretty much back to normal here.  My mission is the one right about Tacloban Mission (where Tyler Kesler is) so though we were hit hard, it wasn't as bad as their mission.  Some of their missionaries have not been contacted yet.

Well I'm safe.  Thanks for all the concern.  It's needed elsewhere now though.  There's no reason to worry me here.  We were safe.  If Moses can part the Red Sea, I can survive a storm in a 3-story concrete apartment.  Love you!

Elder Shane Brown

Pictures - The net is super slow right now.. I'll send the rest in another email...

1-5. Storm stuff.  Preparations, clogging our door, etc.

6-10.  Other stuff.  Views, exchanges (again!) with Max Moncur which were awesome!

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