Sunday, November 17, 2013

No Power? No Problem. 10 28 13

Wow, where to start?  Pretty much three things describe this week:  No power, elections and the busiest week of teaching of my whole mission.  Awesome!
No power.  Hah, okey well you know how power likes to randomly go out here?  Tuesday we heard a blasting noise and all of a sudden lossed power.  Went onto the roof - everyone had electricity but us!  ..this was not a normal brown out...  After accepting that something went wrong, we decided to wait and see if it would come back as usual.  Wednesday morning... still waiting... thought - What's gong to happen to the 2 1/2 kilos of hot dogs in the freezer? - took those to the sisters' apartment then went to the electric company.  Thursday - still no power.  No ref (fridge), electric fan, etc.  ... Go back and complain again at the power company.  Friday morning, none.  Call them.  Finally on Friday afternoon they came to fix it.  A truck load of guys pulled up and they hopped out, set up a ladder, scaled up our house and a few minutes later it was fixed... We had no power for four days, just for a four minute repair job... It was fine though.  Once our emergency light starting dying on Wednesday, I got to take some more candle-lit showers for the first time in since my second area.
Okay so elections.  I kinda mentioned this last week, right?  Well elections are today.  Some how we teach tons of people that are in the running.  And of course, they all want us Whites praying they'll win.  Hah just everyone... "Brother, pray for me brad."  We had this guy come up to us and give us this huge stack of hand outs for his campaign to "give to our friends".  Having kindly explaining we're not allowed to do that, I give him in return the bunch of pass-along cards I had stuffed in my shirt pocket.  Anyways, we worked extra hard at finding new investigators this week.  Why?  Hah, we're pretty sure everyone won't be as b nice to us once the elections are over and they're not trying to make themselves look better by talking to the two Amerikanos.  My next point:
We were so busy this week!  We taught so much.  We got a bunch of lessons one day so we decided we go for the standards of excellence for our mission, it was fun.  It was nice being really busy, but in our actual area.  Usually we're busy because we're going to other areas and doing random things for other missionaries (interviews, etc.).  What made me more excited though was that one less-active family is still coming back strong.  The baptism of their kids really seems  it'll be able to happen (:
That's it.  Great week.  Members helped a lot.  I'm praying I'll stay 9 months in this area - I love it here!
Love, Elder Shane Brown


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