Monday, June 10, 2013

Super HOT!! 4-8


Super short this!  We went hiking because this morning so we don't have lots of time.  Went to a super pretty place called "kawa kawa" (see pictures).  Anyways, quick summary of the week:

It was still really hot.  I mean, just grueling.  So ridiculously hot.  It was especially awesome when it was 96 degrees in our room last night.  If I ever apostatize to idol worship, it'll definitely be my little red "Minami" fan.  Love that thing.  -I got the best compliment (in the form of a question) ever: "Are you Fil-Am (Filipino-American)?" "Nope.  I'm from America too."  "Oh wow, I thought maybe you are from Manila..."  Huge confidence booster that.  -I finished the New Testament!  As with the Old Testament, it was another life changing thing.  Too bad we're pressed for time or I'd go into more detail...

Anyways, life is still great.  Animals still running around everywhere.  Kids still don't wear clothes.  And I'm still a hot, sweaty Amerikano named "Joe".

Love ya!

Elder Shane Scully Brown

-Also, we are watching conference next week pa because of the time difference..  But here's a good quote from Talmage that I came across, "Knowledge is to wisdom what belief is to faith, one an abstract principle, the other a living application."  Okay, what does that mean?

Pictures - (I hope my captions are in the correct order)

1.  Our general conference invitation for April 13-14.  You're all invited.

2.  A building in construction

3.  Same building, same construction - slightly closer.

4.  Sitting on stairs

5.  Standing with a back ground in the back ground

6.  Me and Elder Simmons

7.  Climbing a buko tree.  Or... coconut tree.

8.  A staged picture of me walking

9.  Pointing

10.  First deer I've seen here

11.  Another standing

12.  The "dump".  Just a place where people throw trash in until there's so much that they burn it all.  Awesome.

13.  More standing

14.  More pointing

15.  View 1

16.  View 2

17.  Me viewing

18.  Tree plus sunset 

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