Monday, June 10, 2013

I Ate BUG 4 22


SaDI NA ak0...
maGDAlagan nA kam0!

Hey team, good news:  this week I ate bug.  Yes - bug.  Not at all good, BUT I did discover that just as bananas are cheap (25 cents for a whole group),  tomatos are as well (20 cents for a whole pound!).  So I've been buying lots of those two things...  Here's my report (about one thing) for the week:

Our golden investigators didn't make it to church yesterday, but I guess I can at least tell you about them.  We met the Badong family just two weeks ago.  Tatay (dad) is a tricycle driver and it just-so-happened that we got on his triccy coming home one night.  It was one of those situations where I was  tired.  As in, so tired.  Hungry, thirsty and just beat.  As we sat on our way home, I figured, why not talk to this man and share a little?  I did.  Talked about how families can be together forever and as he drops us off he looks at me and says, "So...what?  You guys come visit me ah."  Gave us his address (meaning the name of the neighborhood and some landmarks - no addresses here).  He's 35 with a wife and four kids, so we were hoping they would all be home for our first visit.  Turns out, it was just Tatay and his friend.  We talked just a little about the family, then he told us to come back the next day when his wife was home.  Go back, his wife is there - caught her up then discussed prophets + Christ.  Tatay had done his reading (we gave him a pamphlet) and after one question from us proceeded to teach us all about dispensations and why authority is important, saying a church needs it or there's no point (which is why we are LDS).  That was awesome (Simmons and I had huge smiles as he himself gave examples while teaching that we the missionaries use).  Come back the next time and Tatay's brother is there along with the rest.  Turns out, the brother was the "friend" at our first visit and he readily commands us to visit him too.  Then the brother's wife comes out, "Hello Elders!!!"  She was taught years ago as a teenager (but moved away) and couldn't stop talking about how much she missed it.  She too insisted that we visit them (tomorrow).  Hah after she exclaimed to the Badongs how peaceful and pretty our buildings are, it was a little weird explaining that we don't have an actual church building in Baao...

I didn't explain very well hoe prepared this family is...  But just know that we're finding people like crazy.  There actually was a night when we felt prompted to go visit the Badong family at a certain time - went there and they had something suddenly come up (couldn't teach).  Upon leaving, I thought to myself, "Why did we feel to come at this time if we couldn't even teach?"  Literally just as this thought entered my mind (knowing there was a purpose), we got called over to a group of teenagers.  What came of that?  New investigator. 

Lots of good things happening in Baao.  Our leaders are all active now, complete families are coming to church, and I'm happy (:

Love, Elder Shane Scully Brown

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