Monday, June 10, 2013

Happy Birthday Wet Season 5 6 13


Beginning to turn into more of a wet season here!  Yes, there were still nights of 96 degrees in the apartment, but also some fairly cool days as well.  The only not so fun part was when there was a brown out two nights in a row.  We basically wake up the instant our fans turn off, then it was a two hour waiting game from 1:30-3:30 AM for the power to come back.

Remember my miraculous healing a few weeks ago?  Well it turns out that faith-wise it was just preparing me for this week - gave three blessings to the sick, all were miraculously healed (and came to church on Sunday!).  Lots of other great experiences.  Tuesday we had a sad moment though.  We were teaching one of our super progressing investigators (Nelly, 64.  Had mentioned plans to move to Manila in a few months), and began to help her recognize the Holy Ghost, especially in knowing the Book of Mormon is true.  All of a sudden, she just bursts into tears saying God had answered her prayers, going on to describe the Holy Ghost much better than I ever have.  Continued to say that she always feels it when with us and everything a golden investigator could ever say.  And then the bad news... She all of a sudden had to move to Manila early.. in just a few days! :'(  I was crushed.  But the missionaries there will be given her new address, so either way, she will find the path.

With her time slot being open, the next time we were in that area, we were blessed to find someone new to teach.  Obviously God knew how sad I was about Nelly, so he just decided to lead us to another great person - Oscar, 45.  At the end of our second lesson, we had just talked about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon and asked is he wanted to know if what we shared is true. His reply?  "Actually, I believe that it's true."  Went on to talk about feel the Spirit when we're there.  Couldn't ask for more.  (in his closing prayer he prayed that we would find more ready people like himself!).

In the midst of our success, we did have an interesting conversation with a 63 year-old white guy we came across.  He was here during the war and three years ago decided he would come back to the Philippines for retirement.  Tried to mention what we do here and he politely (and quickly) cuts us off, "Yeah I used to be a Baptist and all that religion stuff years ago.  But you see, I've found science.  There are so many breakthroughs and we know almost everything... science..."  Took it one step further when he proudly declared that because of some drawings in caves, aliens are our creators.  Also, that Albert Einstein (and other super-geniuses) was born of an alien father... on and on about aliens... He ended his galactic sermon with the conclusion that there is no hell and invited to never, ever go visit his house.  Haha.  

Okay the big news.... Tomorrow is my birthday!  Usually, when we ask people how old they are here, they will reverse the numbers.  With that logic, I'll be going from age 91, to a mere 2 years old!  ...Turning 20!  Today is literally the last day I'll ever be able to say I'm a teenager.  It's almost weird to think about.  Because you're all dying (not literally) to know, here's the birthday plans:
-6:30 AM - Arise, pray, exercise, and prepare for the day.  Breakfast.
-8:00 AM - Study
-10:00 AM - Preach, teach, expound, exhort, invite.
-12:00 PM - Lunch
-1:00 PM - Study (more studies since Simmons is still a trainee)
-3:00 PM - Preach, teach, expound, exhort, invite.
-8:30 PM - Return to living quarters, plan, eat Kraft Mac n' Cheese (from a member with a sibling in Amerika), write in journal, prepare for bed, pray.
In relation to the normal schedule... that is exactly the same!  I'm excited though.  Aside, of course, from my turning 5 water balloon fight birthday party, I think this could be the best.  "...Behold, this is the joy which none receiveth save it be the truly penitent and humble seeker of happiness." (Alma 27:18)  There isno place I'd rather become an old person (a whopping 20 years old!) than here.  I wear a constant smile, and I'm happier that I ever imagined, and hah, a year from now... I'll still be here to birthday again in the Philippines! (:

That's it.  Love you!

Elder Shane Scully Brown

Pictures - 

1.  Eating at Shakey's (the only nice place here)!  It's basically like a Brick Oven kind of place.

2.  Eating

3.  Lots of Rain

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