Monday, June 10, 2013

End Week Strong, Genius, Miss Baao

Hello... Great news!

...I'M TRANSFERRED! ...TO LEGASPI MISSION!!!!!  Saturday we got the text that I would be transferred.  Usually we don't know where our area is or who our companion will be until we get there on transfer day (Tuesday), but our mission President decided to try something new and tell us!  Because of that, I now know that I'll be transferred to Pilar, Sorsogon (look it up) and my companion will be Elder Hatch!  The area is in the Legaspi Mission boundaries so when the Naga Mission splits on July 1st, a new mission call will be sent to me for that mission!  How exciting.  Well that bit was half of my request to my mission president.  The other hope was that my companion would be Filipino.  Elder Hatch (from Nevada I think), though, got here the same time as Elder Simmons so he'll have only just finished training as well.  I guess, to be honest, I was hoping to have a bit of a rest with a Filipino who is obviously fluent in Tagalog... but... I'm super excited pa rin to work with Elder Hatch!  Anyways, I don't know anything about him (other than Simmons was in the MTC with him), so hold questions until next week because I don't meet him until tomorrow.

Accordingly, this week has consisted of lots of preparation before I leave.  Also, remember "Hell Week" in high school sports?  Where they work out way more for the last week of training (right?)?  Well, the first four days of this week, we taught the least amount we ever have!  I was pretty sure it was just like Hell Week since we're also finishing training.  I was about to except that as well as an awful week of work, until I realized that Hell Week is good because of the great/numerous work outs.  After that thought, the next half of the week became the best work we've done!  Thus averaging out to a pretty darn good week (:  Found many new people.  I'll introduce you to one:  Alex.  Hah Alex... Alex is... a crazy genius.  I mean, in everything that saying entails, he is a crazy genius.  He somehow know more about church history (and any religious history) than most members do (as in, almost more than me), knowing dates of everything significant that has happened in this church and all the prophets, etc.  He can tell you anything you want about Philippines, American or any other kind of history.  He's a genius.  Hah and he claims he learned it all from "reading the Guinness Book of World Records."  Which brings me to my next point.  He also is... nuts.  Just crazy.  Awesome person to teach.  Both him, and the golden family we met, almost make me jealous of Elder Simmons to get to stay and teach them.  Oh, we also met another crazy...  His name was something extremely long/weird.  He also tried to convince us he served in World War II and is 126 years old.... (weeeh).

My last week really has been a treat here.  I'll really miss all the members... 6 months I've been here!  6 months of loving people with all your heart. with the purest love you can posses, really draws you close to people.  Tonight, we have a Group Family Home Evening, my last time at our "church". Hah, yesterday was the last time I'll ever go to church outside!  It'll be nice having at least a Branch (if not ward) and an actual church building in my next area! (:

It's raining here!  Every afternoon there will be a torrential downpour.  You know it's wet when you hear the "swuish swuish" noise of trudging through water.  You know it's even more wet when you get to dry ground and you still hear the "swuish" noise because your shoes are flooded.

Okey, more updates next week about companion and area.  Enjoy the pictures!

Love, Elder Brown

Pictures - 

1.  Alex, the crazy genius.

2-8.  Fun pictures.  The bridge was super cool!

9-10.  More members  

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