Saturday, December 1, 2012

Philippine Thanksgiving

Howdy team!  

Had a great week this week.  And yes, I actually have some excited things to report on!

I'll start with Thanksgiving - Hah... I forgot that Thanksgiving even happened.  There is absolutely zero recognition for it here in the Philippines.  It wasn't until I got home for the night that I realized.  Whoops.  So I guess you didn't have to worry about me being homesick on my first holiday in Asia!  An awesome family who owns a streetside (and more delicious) version of KFC (minus everything but the chicken) invited us over for dinner on Friday.  They made a MASSIVE meal and also invited the office elders and the sisters who are both close.  It made up for the lack of a Thanksgiving feast.  The most nakaka-homesick part of the whole Thanksgiving was hearing Adelle for an hour while eating at the members'.

I gave another talk in church on Sunday!  Unlike my farewell(s) at home, I actually had a good joke this time (:  "Hello brothers and sisters, sorry for the Tagalog but dae ako tatao magtaram ning Bicol" (I don't know how to speak Bicol, in Bicol!)  That sure got the congregation laughing.  Sacrament talks really are crazy here though.  Because the church is trying to incorporate English into everything, people will get up to the pulpit, address everyone with a big "Hellooooooooo", then start into there topic switching between Tagalog and Bicol whenever they want as they read the scriptures in English.  Somehow I started to learn Bicol.  My Tagalog is basically good enough that I can start to learn it from Tagalog so I don't get twisted up with the languages in my head.  That being said, we were at a family home evening last week and we played a really fun game.  Then all of the kids wanted to play a game and they explained how to play in Bicol... Everyone had more fun than me on that one... (:

I sowed a shirt pocket last week.  Then when I went to grab the one I fixed a few days later, I couldn't find which one it was.  I guess my sowing job was just that great.  Except for my shirt ended up being in the laundry basket... That's why I couldn't tell it apart from the others, it wasn't there!  I really got excited for a second thinking that I could sow all of a sudden.

People always ask me if a wear contacts?  Blue eyes are a rarity here.

Anyways thanks for everything!  Enjoy the pictures!


Elder Shane Scully Brown


1. Cool old church..

3.  Super nice family we're teaching!

4.  Exchanges in the middle of a rice field with Elder Velasco

7.  Missionaries with some of the De Guzman family

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