Monday, December 10, 2012


Subject: Last week of training!


Tuesday I took a lot of pictures while on exchanges with Elder Vaki so I hope that means I can keep this short and my mother won't get upset (:

Church was great yesterday, I guess it was just a good day to go to church because just about everyone we've ever taught went!  That was super cool.  Kinda hard to get all the kids to classes and stuff though.  It was fun.  Also the four hymns we sang in sacrament meeting.. Christmas hymns.  Every single one of them.  The Filipino's have already been celebrating for three months and now that it's December, they're really ramping up the Christmas stuff.  Which means...  I get to skype home in just three weeks!! 

Anyways, it really was a great week (:

Thanks for everything! 


Elder Shane Scully Brown

Pictures -

1. Elder Vaki and I after a long day of work

2.  Elder Vaki and I again (during our long day of work)

3.  Cool contraption to keep me cool

4.  Hello!

5.  In the rice fields

6.  Super pretty, skinny path

7.  Me walking from far away

8.  Giving an Alkat ni Mormon to a monkey

9.  The close up of that

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