Monday, December 10, 2012

First Transfer

Hey Team!

Lots to report on this week.  I'm transferred, I ate balut,  the "Pacman" fell, and we got a temporary companion as we finished our last week strong. 

Saturday we got the text... I'm transferred!  Not sure where I'm going yet, but I do know that I'm supposed to report to the mission office at 7:45 tomorrow morning.. And that's about all they told me.  It's been a good three months though here in Naga City.  I'm not sure I'm ready to leave the SM and only air-conditioned apartment in the mission, but training has been great.  We worked hard, and I learned a lot.  I feel especially blessed to have been able to progress in my Tagalog and be able to work with the members and other missionaries here.  But, the Lord has called me another way, and I will go.

On Wednesday we had exchanges with the Pili Elders.  As usual with exchanges, we met up with Elders Sorensen and De Dios around 8 AM.  The special part about this exchange though, is that Elder Sorensen and I were in the same MTC district!  It really great to be able to work with him after all the times we had in the MTC.  Elder Sorensen came with Elder Vidal to our area.  It was a great day of laughs and hard work, but the point of this story is to get to what happened at night.  We pressured each other into eating balut (you know, the half developed chick still in the egg?)!!  It was NOT good.  At all.  I'd send a video of it but  it too long daw to send over email... and it's REALLY EMBARRASSING!!!! ;) 

Manny Pacquiao lost a big fight the other day (yesterday).  I guess it's a really big deal here in the Philippines.  All the members have been talking about it.  Maybe someday I'll get into boxing...

Last Sunday the AP's came home with Elder Vidal.  There was an emergency transfer in the mission so he came to work with us for our last week.  It's been great to have him and our threesome companionship as really made some progress.  Lots of smiles, laughs and hard work this last week.

That's my report... Thanks for everything!  Enjoy the pictures!

Pictures -

1. Relles

2.  Taking pictures with members before I left (in the middle temporary addition to our companionship, Elder Vidal)

3.  Our always smiling Elders Quorum President

4.  More members

5.  A staged tracting picture

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