Saturday, December 29, 2012

One Week To XMAS Skype!

Hello family!

I'll be skyping you in two days so I'll keep this short.  But here are some updates from week 2 in Baao!  Also I guess we're all really blessed to be emailing each other right now, because right, wasn't the world supposed to end on the 21st or something?

This week was great.  Elder Balanon and I have gotten into a grove.  Good hard work.  But the most excited this is our meals.  He cooks, I do dishes.  I love it.  We didn't really have to worry about that too much though because we got fed almost every meal this week!  Good, tasty Filipino food.  And I got to try some tasty new foods (intestine, dinuguan - basically cooked blood, as well as chicken head) to add to what I've already experienced here.

We had a two hour bus ride the other day.  I guess it was the Philippines' Christmas present to me because they played Taylor Swift the whole way!  I guess I just blurted out my "guilty pleasure" to you all.  

We had the missionary Christmas Conference last week so I got to see a bunch of people that I haven't in quite some time.  The next day was our Branch Christmas party.  We thought after that there would be a bunch of people that went to church in our little group on Sunday, but the holidays proved to be the opposite.  Only 16 of us at church!  Elder and I both blessed and passed the sacrament.  I'm still easing in to the culture shock.

Saturday I had my first baptism!  Justin, just nine years old.  His mom recently started coming back to church and now their little family are some of the strongest members of the Baao Group!  Yay!

That's it.  Can't wait for skype in two days!  Love,

Elder Shane Scully Brown

Pictures - 

1. I didn't actually make it to the top.  Much too scary for me.

2.  E. Apolinario, he was the first Filipino that I met.  We hung out at the airport in Manila and spent our first two days in the field together.  We saw each other again for the first time at Christmas Conference last week.

3.  I forgot to put on my white tie before the picture!

4.  Justin (9) and his family. 

5.  This is where we go to church.

6.  This is where Elder Balanon and I teach the youth class

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