Tuesday, September 10, 2013

"Uhhh.. Yes, I'd love to join!" Possibly the BEST WEEK EVER!!

Hello Family!

...Wow!  Where to start?  I mean really... this week was the best!  Whole week was great, but wow, the weekend (especially Saturday) was the best!  Phew!  I'm just sitting trying to figure out how to express this to you in an interesting way over the net.  Here's a big list I guess of what we did, hope you are just delighted to read it.  If not, know that at least I'm delighted to write it! (:

So Tuesday we're on a tricycle coming home from work to eat lunch and we got a text from the AP's (Assistants to the President), "Text your zone about a potential long term brown out!..."  So hah, get this: the province that we live in, Albay, basically didn't have enough money to pay for the government run electric company so they were going to kill all power in the entire province for at least a week to be able to pay their supplier of electricity (long story).  Hah, that was awesome since we bought a food for the next two weeks and put it all in our refrigerator (which would also suffer from the power outage)...

So under the candle light on Tuesday we got prepared for out meeting with President on Wednesday.  Basically, the best part of the meeting was when President came up to us with an invitation, "Elders, would you like to come with me to Catanduanes this weekend?"  Okay, remember now that Catanduanes is the island in our zone.  We had a plan to leave for here this Monday morning, but President invited us to come with him on Saturday to attend meetings with him for the District Conference (like Stake Conference) here.  Uhh... Yes President, we'd love to join!

The days go by then come Saturday, we were out the door at 6AM to meet President Guanzon at the pier for out big trip.  Turns out, it was just him!  He didn't bring his wife, the AP's or anyone.  And so it was just me, my companion and President for our island journey.  After a 3 hour boat ride we arrived in Catanduanes and went straight to President's hotel to drop off his luggage.  He walks up to the counter and then turns back to us, "Elders, would you like to stay with me tonight?"  Uhh... Yes President, we'd love to join!  Dropped everything off, ate lunch with the missionaries here then President had meetings and my comp. and I went in search of apartments (lots of new areas opening here).  We got back to the hotel around six to drop off somethings and President had gotten there just before us... "Elders, would you like to join me for dinner?"  Uhh... Yes President, we'd love to join! (:

And so we talked and really got to get to know our Mission President.  I've learned so much and have just really loved the time together.  We were so excited every time we'd get invited somewhere, but the best was Saturday night when we were finishing the day at our small little hotel room.  This time, we were the ones doing the inviting... "President, would you like to join us in closing the day?"  "Uhh... Yes Elder, I'd love to join."  You know, as missionaries, we have daily planning at the end of every day to close the work and plan for the morrow.  We talk about this.  We talk about where we could improve.  We talk about what we did well.  We talk about the missionaries in out zone.  We talk about each other.  It was just so special to have our Mission President there with us.  Well, thinking practically, the specialness of this maybe doesn't quite make snse to someone who hasn't served a full-time mission.  But to those who do get it, do you understand what a wonderful experience this weekend on a paradise island with my Mission President has been?  The best.

So this morning President went home and we visited some waterfalls (beautiful!) and went to a super nice beach (started pouring rain!).  We're here 'till Wednesday to work with other missionaries and other stuff.  If my story wasn't as exciting for you, I'll share this:  Remember vans shoes?  Remember how they can cost $40?  I got a brand new pair, straight from the "Vans [knock-off] Factory" for just $5!  What a steal.  They're definitely [NOT!] genuine (:

Love you!

P.S.  August 1st was the official first day I could say I won't be here in a year... PABABA NA AKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pictures -

There are some big file ones... I'll send them in another email (imagine me giving you a reassuring thumbs up)

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