Tuesday, September 10, 2013

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Hello Family!

We had a zone activity this morning so I'm a little late here.  We went to the Mayon Rest House which is this little touristy thing on the volcano (which was at alert level 3 today).  It was all really well planned out, except for when it got super rainy and windy!  Luckily it wasn't raining at the top, just super foggy so the pictures aren't full of the amazing views we were hoping for!

Well this was quite the exciting week!  New things, last week of the transfer and many spiritual experiences.  First of all, remember how my apartment was already super cool with it's size and water heater?  A set of couple missionaries recently went home so on Tuesday we got a call from the Supply Elder, "Elders!  Remember those couple missionaries?  Yeah well we need to store all of their furniture somewhere and we think your apartment would be perfect.  Could we come drop some things off today?" "Yes!"  Later, I heard a car pulling up, ran out and it was the supply truck, then, around came the corner a huge full on moving truck.  "Wow," I thought, "what a coincidence that there's a moving truck at the same time the supply elder is dropping off a few small pieces of furniture."  Well guess what, that big moving truck was for us!  An old hymn instantly popped into my head, "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas" (:  In short, we were given couches, a double door refrigerator, a washing machine(!), an oven(!), two air conditioning units we can't use and this is the best part - a microwave!  What?!  Yes! -a MICROWAVE!  Boy were we eager to use that thing after years of only remembering them in dreams.  We had lest out meals after a zone conference from a catering restaraunt, extras just came back to us since we ordered it all so we put it into the ref, later we microwaved it!  To emphasize my point, never take couches, a big fridge, washing machine, oven and especially a microwave for granted!  Our apartment is now as they say here, "Social".

Anyways, at that same conference, we learned that backpacks aren't allowed anymore here (apparently that was a missionary rule and we just didn't know it here?) so we bought some "business style" side bags and are hitting the streets looking what we think to be quite classy, or in other words, "social".  Also, I realized there that this is the last week of the transfer.  How fast!  There's no way I'll get transferred which is good, the kids are finally into the habit of screaming "Elder Brown!!!" from far away running up and yelling/laughing the whole time just to get a good "App 'ere" (up here - high five) every time we are in the neighborhood.

Had two really wonderful experiences this week.  The first was writing our recommendations for the transfer planning.  I felt so guided as we talked about each missionary and if they'll be transferred, moved around, etc.  The second was a baptismal interview.  This was actually the first interview I've gotten to do.  The brother I interviews never really learned Tagalog so he just speaks the local language of his town..  Despite that, through his broken Tagalog and my brokel Bikol, I was able to feel a huge witness of the Spirit that he was ready for baptism.  Great experience.

The week was full of awesome things.  Saying still and will always remain true for this Elder, "It's an exciting time to be a missionary!"

Sige yan lang.  Kita kits!  Love, Shane

1-4.  Mayon rest house! (slightly we got rained out)

5.  The apartment before we got all the new stuff

6-10.  New apartment things!

10-22. Rocamonte!  We thought it was ruins.  Turns out, this place was a big touristy thing in the 60's that totally crashed...

23.  Hang out 

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