Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Transfers, Waterfalls and Eternal Bliss 8 26 13

Below is Shane's email… he LOVES real letters : )

Elder Shane Scully Brown
Philippines Legazpi Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
P.O. Box #225
Legazpi City Post Office
Legazpi City, Albay
4500 Philippines

Hello Family!

Team!  What a great week I've had!  We went to some more waterfalls this morning, just beautiful!  (Alldredge almost fell from the top...  That and falling through the church roof last week have basically left me with now trust in this guy...). I try to find interesting thoughts/pictures to send home each week and guess what, you'll hopefully get some good ones in the next few weeks because E. Alldredge and I are not getting transferred.Why does us not being transferred mean more interesting things and better pictures?  Because this is Alldredge's LAST transfer!  He goes home in 6 weeks!!  We've after today now got five Pdays to visit all the cool places in the area.  Should be fun.

On Friday we were planning out this week and we had to get out new planners for this transfer.  We were surprised when we realized that this is his last planner of the mission! (we get a new one every transfer - 6 weeks).  I'm pretty sure that at this point I'm thinking more about going home than he is, but that's besides the point.  It's just fun with him about being done for me to look back and see how far I've actually come.  I can't help sometimes but to laugh at myself for things I used to do.  It's been great though in Naga Mission   Or now, Legaspi Mission   Hah, it's been two months now of Legaspi Mission and I'm only just starting to finally give up the old Naga Mission theme song and begin to memorize the new one here.  It's a great time to be a missionary, lots happening   We had district conference this weekend   Even though the entire district (all of the branches) was about the size (if not smaller) of a normal ward at home, there are some great pans for this to be a stake someday.  Also, we've been meeting with the District President talking about our little group becoming it's own branch! (:

So Saturday, because of the district conference  we help with some home teaching in our area.  Guess who our home teaching companions were - the District President and the Mission President!  So great.  We taught a family who's husband served as a branch president for a number of years but now they're all inactive.  We spoke very frankly about the promises of God.  That they are certain, when we hold up our end of the bargain.  Even though this family is sealed in the temple, that it is still based on their worthiness.  If they give up now then their sealing cannot last!  So I asked the parents you know how it would feel to have even just one family member missing.  Even just one... It's be a horrible feeling.  And then I realized - would I not be just as sad if this family didn't make it as if mine own didn't?  I would be devastated if just one of my family couldn't pass into exaltation.  And so why would I not feel the exact some way if these, my brothers and sisters failed to qualify.  I would.  Having now realized that, and with a deepened love, I strive to more fully rely on the Spirit to do all I can.  To help this family, and all others, to make certain the promises of God, because of their faith and obedience.

It's the most rewarding work.  It gives me the most rewarding feeling.  I try and try and try to express this over emails.  I use different words, scriptures, etc.  This week I stumbled upon something I really view as treasure - Alma 37:44-47.  Pretty much, if we will simply look to Christ (it is simple) and give our all, we will be led on a straight course to Eternal Bliss.  Eternal bliss.  Bliss, joy, happiness and peace that never ends!  I want that.  I want all to have that.  It's just the best! (:

Love, Elder Shane Brown

Pictures -

1-2.  Some friends

3-5.  One of my favorite families!  ...We're wearing "elephant" costumes (:  

6-16.  Waterfalls!  The last one is where Alldredge slipped from the rock on the right then slid uncontrollably down and miraculously lasted on that platform thing..

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