Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Funeral and Some Meetings 9 9 13

Hello, good morning!

I can't keep up with the days!  It's just going so fast!  And here I am, loving it all.  Had a great week this week.  I've really just been happy.  it remids me of that one hymn, "I'm walking on sunshine, whooooaaahhh!  And don't it feel GOOD?!"

We were having companionship sutdy the other day.  We got a text so I started to type out this long, lengthy reply.  Once I sent it, I noticed E. Alldredge had begin to hum.  I listened to hear what he was humming.  my guess was right - "I'm coming home" by Christ Duaghtry...  Haha, sure is great to be with a companion who is going home!  On that note though, he really ius focused on the word and we're doing great.  Adding to our joy was Sunday when a certain brother came to church.  He walked an hour and a half with a hernia to come to church after years of inactivity.  Hopefully his family will follow next (:

Also, Sunday was just a great day in general.  We had all these great lessons planned, but it all got changed around last second.  We got to the district center building at 1PM for a one hour meeting with branch missionaries.  More than an hour later, we finally started! (loving the Filipino time)  After going significatnyl over time (something which would be anticipated when you start 15 minutes after it wsa supposed to end), we got to join a meeting with the district presidency and all the branch presidents.  There, we talked about missionary work.  I loved to hear about the progress here.  Secretly, deep inside I just get excited to go home and be a great, supportive member to the missionaries (probably easier to say while I'm actually here) when we talk about coordination.  Anyways, I just felt a strongly witness of the Spirit that this hastenging of the work thing is real!  How wonderful it is to be able to participate!  After this, we were over-eager to get to leave and teach at last, but again, something came up.

We were invited (strongly encouraged) by all these presidents to go attend a funeral service.  It was for an inactive brother whole name I had never before heard.  I knew none of the family, nor anything really about them.  Just that we were invited to come along.  A member was the concluding speaker.  As he talked about the ressurection and Plan of Salvation, I found myself tearing up along with all the other moms and grandmas.  Maybe they were crying over their lost loved one.  but maybe it was really because of the same, powerful confirmation of the Spirit I was feeling.  I just love that the whole Plan of Salvation is true.  And the actaully know what it is!  I had to teach Sunday School in church (of course they just gave me a big time to prepare the lesson when they gave me the manual and the news I'd be teaching right when sacrament ends) about sacrifice.  I guess when we know the Plan, the eternal scheme of things, all of a sudden, all those big sacrifices don't seems so "big".  And that's what I tried to help everyone to see.

The whole thing just makes sense.  It's simple.  And I sure love to share it!  Yet another week has sped passed.  Holding on tight is yours truly,

Elder Brown

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