Monday, November 5, 2012

OCT 21 College Kids Church Tour


Another week in the Philippines. This is the last week of my first transfer... Crazy how fast time has gone. I can't imagine how fast it'll have gone by after being here for more than just one month! I've hit some great milestones already (not really). First, we finally started cooking a lot. Basically we make some tasty meats with yummy vegetables and throw it on some rice. Not too bad the more we do it. Also, you know the game kids play where they clap their hands together and sing something like "Lemonade (clap clap clap) Crunchy Ice (clap clap clap)"? Well I learned a Tagalog equivalent of that. Pretty fun. We played a bunch of Filipino games in our district meeting today as well so when I come home I'll have a bunch of new exciting things for you to play.

Oh, something I forgot from last week - On Friday we were doing our weekly planning and the Assistants texted us saying that there was an emergency and we had to get to the chapel right away. We left right away and when we got there we saw huge group of kids sitting outside the church just talking. We went into the office and the AP's told us that we were doing a church tour. I guess the stake set this thing up for the religion classes of a college to tour a bunch of churches and learn about them. Long story short, I got to bear my testimony in front of a million people and then after we watched a video about the Restoration of the Gospel, we did a question and answer. Pretty fun!

Tuesday, everyone who is in training met up for a halfway point review type of thing. As part of it we had to practice inviting people to be baptized and things like that. For one of the role plays we taught the President. Hah we had to do it in English and for some reason I had the hardest time talking about churchy things in English, especially teaching a lesson. So I wonder how messed up my English will be when I get home... I should get a Filipino companion in December after training so that'll be fun.

I read a cool scripture this week. There is so much to discourage a missionary here (and so much more to support), then I read Mormon 8:22, "For the purposes of God shall roll on, until all his promises are fulfilled." So it doesn't matter what people try to do to stop this work. It'll go forth, by the power of God. Heyo, I wouldn't want to get in the way of that. I really appreciate the opportunity I have here to help the work progress, to help people progress. Eternal life is the goal, I hope to be a tool in the Lord's hands to bring as many as we can to that knowledge.

Good to hear from everyone! Dearelder works here if you want to send a letter!


Elder Shane Scully Brown (Hah I forgot that I have a first name... Elder Brown na lang).


1. My whole district at our activity this morning for the last week of the transfer

2. Elder Cobing, Elder De Dios and I 

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