Monday, November 5, 2012

Elder BROOWWWNNN you're White


Good week! Was there a hurricane or something in the US? It was plenty warm here in the Philippines. Wednesday was intimidatingly hot, Elder Fronk said that it's just a hint of what is to come in the summer so that'll be fun. I feel like I'm getting used to the heat here though, of course, it's still wet season until January. But I'm adapting quite well here to the lifestyle. Minor obstacles for my complete immersion into the Philippine culture would be adjusting to the roosters waking me up every morning. There's nothing like a few "cockle-doodle-doos" to get me up early in the morning. Tagalog is going great! When I first got here, people would ask me if I knew Tagalog and replying back in my very broken language I would explain that I'm learning. On Saturday though, one of the little kids I always talked to asked if I know English! Apparently my Tagalog now pasts the test of an 11-year old!

Because last week was transfer week, our District Leader (12 missionaries in our district) was transferred so Elder Fronk became the new DL. Really doesn't mean too much for me, BUT, I get to go on exchanges once a week now! Basically for exchanges we meet up with another companionship on Wednesday at lunch then one companion comes with me back to our apartment, and the Elder Fronk goes with the other back to their area until the same time the next day! Super fun to get to meet other missionaries and hear their stories.

Not sure if I mentioned this before, but because of the change in the minimum missionary age, our mission is going to go from 154 missionaries to 250! President said we'll start to see that in June or July of next year as all of the people who are in school right now finish up. So maybe, a lot more of you still waiting to serve will come to the Philippines!

Was Wednesday Halloween? Thursday for us was All Saints Day. It's a huge holiday in the Philippines. So huge in fact, that we had to be back in the apartment at 6:00PM (instead of 9) so as to not get too involved in the festivities. Anyways, every goes to the cemeteries to remember there dead. How was Halloween in America? I remember the day I decided I wasn't creative when thinking up costumes so I became a "Professional Scooter Rider" for I think four years in a row. Hah I would just throw on a motorcycling jersey with some pants and call that my costume. Never would have thought that for Halloween this year my outfit would be a white shirt and tie. But oh how I love it. Rather gorging on kit-kat bars and other assorted chocolates, I've been able to enjoy the sweetness that comes from spreading the Gospel. That sweet, pure joy.

Love you all and I hope the pictures make up for my degrading English!

Elder Shane Scully Brown

Pictures -

2. The Cemetery during All Saints Day, wish I could have gotten a better picture!

5. Some kids that love to say hi to "ELDER BROOOOOOWWWNNN" (Ai! But you are white pala!). Sorry the sun is so bright...

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