Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Live after the Manner of Happiness

Howdy team!

Another great week!  The MTC is so much fun.  There is always awesome happening.  I don't think I've mentioned this before (or maybe I have), but most nights we get back to our room at 9:30 and then have until 10:30 to get ready for bed/prepare for the next day.  Thursdays and Saturdays we have night gym until 9:00 then we get an extra half hour to do whatever.  Most Saturdays we have parties with food from packages and chips/ decent salsa from the Bookstore.  This Saturday however, I went with a Kid in my zone to the primarily Spanish speaking building...  I got to spend 25 minutes with some of my best friends from both high school and BYU!  There are a few kids who are in different MTC's, the feild, or not reported yet, but other than that we had the old gang back together!  And since then I've been back a few times, so much fun.  This morning with decided that we would wake up at 3:50AM  and do our laundry before anything in the day (okay I guess we decided that last night), and that has turned out to be pretty good so far.  We did laundry and got to have breakfast before we went to the temple which never happens.  We go back and took a two hour nap and we're back into the swing of things!

Let's see... Oh!  This is for you Mom:  One of our teachers went to my mission and he was nearly bitten by a 6 foot long yellow cobra that would have killed him in twenty minutes.  Pretty cool huh? (:  Anyways I'm not sure I'll be able to handle that very well because this morning we found a centipede crawling along the carpet and I just about had a heart attack (sarcasm).

Well I wish I could spend Sundays with you guys.  Somehow that's the family activity that I miss - 10 minutes late to sacrament (on a good day), Sunday walk, super good dinner, then watch Seinfeld while eating coffee icecream...  What a nice life.

I got promoted to district leader.  Kid of sad since I'll be going to meetings all the time rather than getting to read/relax with my district.  It's fun though conducting everything though, I'm glad Dad gave me lots of opportunities for practice during family dinners/get-togethers!

I figured out how to live my life - 2 Ne 2:27 "And it came to pass that we lived after the manner of happiness."  Uh... HELLO!  That sounds pretty great, so I'll give it a try.  Anyways, put things off until a later time, because what we do now will determine who we are then.  Thanks for everything!

Love ya! 

Elder Shane Scully Brown 

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