Friday, August 31, 2012

Funny Language Mistakes

Howdy team!

How is everyone?  I am doing just great!  I feel like a lot has happened in this last week, but we'll see just how much I can remember... Hah we have some pretty funny language stories from this week.  We're basically to the point of fluency in gospel teachings (as in we can say whatever we want) but we still make some fun mistakes.  Elder Finley told one of our investigators that "If he LEAVES the church, that is the way he can become happy for all of eternity."  That was pretty great.  We do this thing called TRC on Wednesday nights where we teach return missionaries as themselves, not some random person they act as.  At the end of one of our lessons I was going to give this guy a challenge to read something, but it came out as "I dare you to...."  haha that was funny too.  We also taught two Philippino natives though and we were able to understand their fast paced talking and accents just as well as we understand our teachers!

So as we work hard every single day, we're feeling pretty confident and excited for the Philippines.  We leave the MTC in three weeks!  A group of nine kids left yesterday/today so we had a big illegal sleep over with them on Saturday.  It was super solemn for all of them though because most of them were scared not feeling at all ready to go.  BUT, that is because they admittedly didn't try as hard as they could have.  I hope that our enthusiasm to learn isn't replaced with laziness when we get our flight plans at the end of next week...  I don't think it will (:

There was a small fire kind of by the Y last week.  Totally reminded me that school started for everyone at BYU on Monday!  Also I saw a bunch of friends at the Sunday temple walk!  Anyways, how weird is that?  Most of my friends are starting college, staying up late, doing whatever they want, and I'm waking up at 6:20, putting on a white shirt and tie and working all day. 

Anyways, trust in the Lord!  We all have problems and trials but He knows how we feel.  Trust in Him (2 Ne 4).  I do, and I will for the rest of my life because I know that nothing else can bring me (and my family) eternal joy.

K I love you all!  I'm only here for three more weeks then I pack my bags and I'm off to Asia where I'll be living with Spiders as big as my hand that move "fast than the eye can see" according to my teacher!

Elder Shane Scully Brown

  • Sister Brown,
    I just wanted to let you know that I was volunteering at the MTC tonight and had the opportunity to be taught by your son. He is just as awesome as his brother. He taught with the Spirit and speaks Tagalog very well. The people in Naga will be very blessed to have him. His teacher also speaks very highly of him. She said that he and his companion are very hardworking, are very focused, and are a great example to the rest of their district. I am sure that you already know how wonderful your sons are, but I know my mom was always happy to hear from people who met me while I was serving. Thank you for raising them so well. I am blessed for having known both of your sons.

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