Sunday, August 19, 2012

Family to Spy and Learning Tagalog

Hey family!

Thanks for the packages!  I think I have everything I need for the Philippines now.  I can't believe you guys are in Provo right now.  I could probably run to where you are in about 15 mintues.  Hah that's so weird.  Anyways life is good here.  We're starting to really grasp the language pretty well.  We can say most things (if they are churhc related).  I don't know how to say "car" but I can give a twenty minute lesson on the Restoration.  Although the other day I did accidentally tell my investigator that "I lust after the pig". 

We're getting haircuts today!  I'm excited about that but unfortunately we weren't able to do the rice eating competition on fast Sunday becuase we realized they wouldn't have been able to eat as much since they wouldn't have eaten all morning and afternoon.

Something awesome that we've been doing is going into little chapels after meals.  We always have 20 or so minutes before we have to go back to class so we go in there and Elder Finley wwill play beautiful music as I write letters and such.  Last P-Day we spent an hour and a half in there.  It was the best thing ever (and I'm sure I've said that multiple times, or will).  We had our first fast Sunday so there was no Choir practice.  Sorry family, I guess you could have spied on me during temple walk!  Whoops.  Anyways I ate a pack of tic tacs during the devotional, that was nice. 

I told myself that I would try to not talk only about churchy things in my emails, but truth be told, not much happens here in the MTC... Sunday are awesome because even though we have 7 hours of study time, we get to watch movies!  Well, Mormon Messages, so kind of... It's a good break though (:  We watched one that I would like you to see.  It's a great 3 minute-ish clip that applies to all of us, no matter who we are.  Since you're most liekly on your computer reading this (because that's what I would be doing), go to, scroll to the bottom and in the middle click the link for Mormon Messages.  On the first page you'll see Dare to Stand Alone.  Thomas S. Monson (our prophet) narrarates an amzing story that will probably appear to be more applicable to youth, but you will appreciate it, and I would appreciate it if you did!  I would not spend email time telling you that if I didn't know it was important for all of us.  Maybe watch it after dinner for Family Home Evening or something.  It's worth it!

Two things I've learned here are obedience and relying on the Lord.  Basically if we give our all, we qualify for God's grace.  So that means I have to do all I can to have his spirit, because without it, I would NOT be able to learn Tagalog.  It's just worthless to study without having the spirit at all times.  I feel so lame having to request less sarcasm from my roommates (and saying the word "lame").  Hah it's so dumb.  But I have to.    I guess onve I get home and my priority is marriage (within six weeks or I give up (; ) not mission, I will probably become normal again.  Laugh Out Loud!

Thanks for remembering me!  And I say that because even though it's been three weeks I feel like I've been here for my whole life.

Love ya!

Elder Shane Scully Brown


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