Monday, October 1, 2012


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Well I got to see everyone in LAX which was super awesome!  I'd elaborate, but...  I'm sure there are a bunch of pictures out in the real world of that.  Anyways I made it past the extremely long plane ride and I'm now in Naga City.  We got of the plane and president picked us up then we went to the mission home for a little orientation.  After that we met our trainer's and got shipped to our area.  We are opening up a new area right here in Naga!  Why they had me, a trainee, be involved with opening a new area, I don't know.  But, it's been a lot of tough and hard work trying to find people.  President said about 75% of our work is going to be reactivation because there are so many inactives here.  I guess the Philippines is supposed to play a huge role in spreading the church to other Asian countries (China, North Korea, etc...).  That's why they send the best missionaries here (Elder S. Brown and Elder T Brown), lol JOKE LANG!  Oh, I got to see Trevor and Uncle Randy getting off the plane though, it was so great.  Shout out to my brother who decked me out with all of the best gear around!  He gave me my green bag with everything I could ever need in it.  I'm set now.

So we've been doing a lot of walking here.  That's what we do.  The roads (one road in the city with one stop light somewhere I've never seen) are crazy.  People pretty much take the Philippino version of a taxi everywhere.  They're called trices (try-Cee).  Basically they fit as many people as they can on a metal frame bolted onto a motorcycle.  Pretty cool.  When we cross the road's though, it truly is like playing a game of Frogger.  There are chickens and dogs everywhere.  We have an SM in our area (only one in the mission).  It's basically America squeezed down into a mall.  Besides that, it's pretty 3rd world here.  Hah my trainer (Elder Fronk from Ogden UT) says I have it so nice here.  I guess I'll get eased into the culture.  I've been doing my best to submerse myself in it though!  It's crazy having everyone speak Tagalog here.  We have a goal that whenever we're outside, we speak Tagalog.  So I'm getting it down a lot faster than in the MTC.  My favorite thing, after four days, is when it starts randomly raining (happens all the time) to buy some siopao.  Super yummy hot role with some king of meat inside from people on the side of the street.  I shouldn't get too sick.

Walking around in the neighborhoods makes me feel like I'm in line for Pirates of the Carribean at Disneyland with the fog-ish weather at night and little streams everywhere.  Oh better yet, I feel like I'm where the Lost Boys live on the movie Hook.  Totally feels like it's the Lost Boys everywhere in the small neighborhoods.  People have crazy hairstyles with plenty of tatoos and piercings.  I guess people really are lost here, and my job is to help them come back and feel what I do every day.

Well, the heat hasn't been that bad.  It's super humid, but I can bear it.  Random rain is fun.  I'm super glad to be here though.  It's quite the adventure.

Thanks for everything and it was really great to see everyone at the airport, though that seems like that was forever ago!


Elder Shane Scully Brown


I freakin' love it here!  My area is Naga 2.  We opened it so it's been a lot of hard work building up a teaching pool and things.  We have an SM five minutes walk away though (:  Same with the office!

Hah I know it was such a bummer how short our visit was.  But yes, you are real!  Freakin' everything you gave me was amazing.  Thank you so so much.  I carry my green pack around everywhere I go.  My supplies fit perfectly - water bottle, handout Aklat ni Mormon, pamphlets, camera. unbrella, and of course, the mini book of Mormon.  One scripture that you highlighted (Alma 29:9) is also a favorite of mine.  I used it for my mission plaque in the ward building.  Seriously though, thankyou so much for everything.  And I got your pouched letter.  Since it's in the office I have pouch access all the time.

Haha yeah people always say "What's up dude" "What's your name" or sing "Hey I just met you" (you missed that song in America...).  It's so great being here though, really.  It's fun speaking so much Tagalog too.  I'm glad you'll send your iPod though!  One of our struggles - we're teaching two girls who are not married (19 and 18), we get members present so that's fine, but one is super pregnant and the other had a miscarraige.  Super bummer that they aren't married, they are very interested and accepted baptism (I got to do the invite!).

My comp is Elder Fronk from Ogden, UT.  He is a guatamalan, just like Uminsky.  He's been out for a year and a half.  Read the family email for church.  Let me know later though if you want more basic details other than my family emails!

I seriously love you so much, and truly, I AM proud of you.  I'm proud of us.  I can't wait to be truly reunited.  Keep strong, and let brotherly love continue!!!<3

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