Monday, October 15, 2012

Hello family!

I feel like I can't talk about my week until I first address conference!  I'm so sad that we have to wait until next weekend to watch it because of the time difference but it was quite a big deal that they changed the mission age!  Ahh that's so wild.  It's going to change the whole culture at BYU.  So weird to think about.  I'm glad that I got to do a year of college  before I left, but I would have gone after high school if they made this announcement two years ago!  Wow that's a crazy thought!  I'm anxious to be training kids that are apart of the new program.  Hah the MTC's will be so crowded for the next few years as everyone who has been waiting for their 19th or 21st birthday can now go.  So so crazy.  I can't wait to listen to that talk!

Okay my week -

It's been another awesome week in the Philippines.  My Tagalog is absolutely nowhere near the point of actually sounding like a true Filipino, however, after we had been talking for a few minutes at church, a member asked me how many years I had been in the Philippines for.  That made me feel good about my slurred Tagalog.  I'm getting closer to being able to understand people, that has been the hardest part about learning the language here coming from the MTC.  As I've said before though, the members are all really great.  We got fed I think three times this week and two of them were at night so they either took us home in their taxi or tricce.  I really appreciated that.  So did my feet (:  I think we walked like five miles the other day going from one side of or area to the next, then back again - hard work!  Serving a mission really does take it's toll of both my poor, frail body, as well as my mind.  But, there's nothing like the sweet joy I feel while I'm doing it.

Before we start our studies, we always sing a hymn.  Because the Christmas season starts here in September and goes until the end of December, we've been singing some Christmas songs.  It totally reminds me of being with the whole extended family at Christmas Eve.  I'll be back there in two years though so it's not a big deal at all (:

I read something awesome in the Book of Mormon during personal study the other day. 2 Ne 2:25-28.  Jacob is talking and he lays out agency for us.  Obviously, we all have the ability to choose what we will do with our lives.  In the end, it comes down to - will we choose to serve the Lord and have joy, or will we follow the Devil aaaaaaaand.... be miserable.  I really like Jacob's stern advice in verse 28, "Choose eternal life..."  Ummm Okay!  That sounds great.  That's what I'm doing.  I'm choosing eternal life, and I hope to help others do the same both as I serve the people of the Philippines and for the rest of my life!  Because the last verse in John 14 (not sure of the verse) rings in my head.  I love you all, I love this work, and I love my God!

Elder Shane Scully Brown

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