Thursday, September 20, 2012

Brothers in the Philippines!

I leave the MTC in four hours!
Well, to describe exactly what I'm feeling right now is impossible.  Let me put it this way, it has been Christmas Eve Night since Friday basically.  I cannot withhold my joy!  It's hard to fight a quite constant smile! 
Basically since Friday, we've broken out every night as we pack, just so ready and happy as we prepare to leave.  We had a departure devotional on Sunday and the closing hymn was Till We Meet Again.  People were super sad to be leaving. 
Yes, I'll miss my companion and district.  And I'll DEFINITELY be pretty shocked when I actually get to the Philippines.  But the song I'M sing right now is We Are All Enlisted, "We are all enlisted 'till the conflict is over.  Happy are we, happy are we!"  I am happy (:
Thanks for all your support!  I know that as I go forth, I am led by angels and the power of God.  I LOVE THIS WORK!
Starting Wednesday, I get to open my Christmas presents for the next two years (:
Elder Shane Scully Brown

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