Sunday, August 18, 2013

Legaspi Mission and tropical Storm "Gorio" 7-1 -13

Hello Family!

Last week was my last week under Naga Mission - today, July 1st, is officially my first day in the Legaspi Mission (best in all the land)!!  Us two "imports" (that's what they call Hatch and I) are certainly excited.  Apparently all of nature was quite happy too because on Saturday, we heard the roaring cheers of Tropical Storm 'Gorio'!

At 9:13 AM Saturday morning, a text from our Mission President popped up on our phone - Storm Gorio, Signal 2, "Missionaries should go home when the wind picks up."  Heyo!  With that, we quickly finished planning our lessons/ tweaking our schedule and scuttled out of the house to teach as much as we could before "the wind picked up."  And pick up they did!  We left at 10 AM, got back at 10:03 AM.... My great, storm proof "HydroTechno" umbrella had holes in it.  Grabbed my orange one and we were off!  The rain was thick.  The wind was powerful.  We were trudging on.  As in, literally trudging.  This was no brisk, light walk midst a few drizzles of rain.  This was a trudge through floods and tempest level downpours.  My waterproof shoes were true to their promise until the paths were filled with water deeper than the tops of my shoes.  The whole waterproof thing was great until the water got in through the top and had no way our for the next four hours!  Anyways, we realized it was time to go home (and how much God protects His missionaries) when we stopped for a moment, then all of a sudden took a few steps forward to just barely dodge a huge branch which without warning fell right where we had been standing only seconds before.  Great experience!

Well, investigators continue to come to church and I continue to strive to be my best.  We watch the World Wide Leadership Broadcast (about missionary work) last night.  That got us even more excited for the changes to come.  I think I've got it pretty great - I reported to the MTC last July, I've had about a year in the Naga Mission with the normal mission setting, only just starting to see this flood of missionaries and now I've got another year in the Legaspi Mission naman to really see everything play out.  This is a great time to be a missionary.

I'm doing great.  I'm happy (:  Hope you all have a great 4th of July without me!  We've already celebrated Independence Day in the Philippines!

Love, Elder Brown 

This again is the new address for the Legaspi Mission:

Elder Shane Scully Brown
Philippines Legazpi Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
P.O. Box #225
Legazpi City Post Office
Legazpi City, Albay
4500 Philippines

Pictures - 
1-2.  Our HUGE (sarcasm) apartment
3.  Elder Hatch in his awesome rain coat that he has never worn
4.  Service Project.  We were excavating a foundation
5-6.  Me in some pictures
7.  The whole "Endure the Elements" thing would be a lot cooler if you could see how rainy it was
8-9.  Playing in the rain
10.  Finally caught the rat
11.  Gas is so expensive here!  Joke only.  That's in pesos, not dollars.


  1. Hello!
    I just wanted to invite you to the Legazpi Mission Facebook page we're in the process of creating:
    Hope you'll consider joining us!

    1. Hi sister Julie! I wanted to join in the group in facebook.. I'll be serving in Legaspi soon.. I'm going to report at mtc this march 14.. i'd love to be part in the group even in my remaining days before reporting.. :) thank u.. btw i'm sister paca.. ^_^