Monday, August 26, 2013

..".Brown?!" 7 - 15 -13

Howdy Team!

"The moment you have all been waiting for!  Transferred: Nielson, Winters, Leal, Brown,..."  ...."BROWN?!" I shouted in my head.  That echoed throughout my entire frame as I read the transfer announcements text... I'm transferred!  What the heck?!  I just got here.  I spent six months in my last area.  Here? - six weeks!

With that being said, I'm short on time today (also, we went to the zoo!) so here's a quick, to the point update: it was hot, we walked far, went to the beach on exchanges in another area, made salad (rare), dug out a tree, ate SHARK, met plenty of new investigators, found out I'm getting transferred, said goodbyes, and finally, took lots of pictures!

I'm a little sad to be leaving so soon.  Pilar is great.  I guess I'd be more sad had I been here longer. E. Hatch and I are pretty bummed.  We were really hoping to stay together another transfer (six weeks).  But, I'm needed elsewhere.  I'll let you know about my new area/companion next week.  Time to keep preparing for the move.  We have to get on a jeep at 5 AM tomorrow to get to the transfer point on time. (we just show up Tuesday morning then they take us to our new area).

I love you all and sorry for the short update (made up for by way too many pictures?).  Thanks for everything! (:

Love, Elder Brown

This, again, is my new address for this mission:

Pictures (LOTS) - 

1.  A year's worth of planners!

2-12.  Pictures

13-25.  Members and people we taught.  The ones with the Dad not looking is the really cool blind guy!

26-32.  Beachy stuff (some totally staged pictures)

  33-49.  The Wild Life/ Recreation Center

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