Sunday, February 10, 2013


Hey family!

How are things at home?  I'm diong great (:  As noted in the email subject.. I bought a new pet this week!  On Tuesday we were about to walk into a family's house when our Group Leader (Jeff) comes running up asking me if I wanted to eat some classy food.  We had already been planning to eat dog, so I figured something a little more gounrmet would be better.  he led us down to a nearby river and basking on the shore was my new pet.  For just seven American Dollars, I bought myself a bayawak (iguana)!  Brother Jeff happily took it home to wait until Friday when we would eat (:  Turns out, it was actually pretty delicious - though I'm not sure it's something I'd do again (the preparation was a bit tedious).  That was the most happening thing of the week.

A few other highlights:  We had exchanges with the Iriga 2 Elders on Friday.  Friday also happened to be the same day that they were moving apartments!  After eating the bayawak around 12:30 with Brother Jeff and his family, we got to Iriga around 2 for the big move.  Pres. Riparip (2nd counselor in the Branch there, also the only member who owns a car) came in his jeep to help.  After lowering the beds and book shelves down from the 2nd story, we were able to get everything done in just three trips (minus the refrigerator).  As I was admittedly a bit impressed at how much we fit on the jeep, President Riparip saw this as an opportunity to overuse his favorite phrase for me, "Only in the Philippines Elder, only in the Philippines!" was a good time.  That afternoon, E. Alcoseba came to work with me in Baao while his companion and E. Balanon stayed in Iriga.  Hah when it was time to go to bed, I opened the door (as usual) so it wouldn't get too hot, then E. Elcoseba freaked out, "Don't you know about 'asuwangs' Elder?!"  He tried to explain this eveil creature to me, but after looking it up in the dictionary and reading the first two words, "In folklore..." I couldn't help but to chuckle to myself.  In the end, however, I consented to leave the door closed to avoid "harassment from a mythical creature." ....I didn't notice a difference in my sleep.

Though I've gotten used to people's reaction when they see me, a White, I guess they haven't.  We were riding on the back of a jeep (serve same function as buses) one night and it pulled over to let some people clamber out.  As the last person approached, I could see a few bags in hand... This poor lady...  Out of nowhere she just fell right out! The reason why was made apparent when she said as we drove away, "I was just surprised to see an Americano standing there on the back on the jeep."  Hah I sure had a good laugh along with all of the other guys on back.  Whoops!  (She was okay)

Anyways, the whole week was a fairly consistent high note.  Not only did we teach more lessons than we ever have, but that was accompanied by a surreal ambiance in the air.  While bright and sunny almost each day, there was a light drizzle - only noticeable by the sparkles in the air, and the refreshing feeling on my face, as a blissful spring morning.

No complaints this week (or ever).  Hope everyone else is doing just as great too!

Love,  Elder Shane Scully Brown

Pictures -

1.  Step one, Catch.

2.  Step Two....

3.  Brother Jeff working on Step 3

4.  Eat na!

5.  Loading the jeep

6.  Another load

7.  A typical CR (bathroom)

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