Saturday, July 28, 2012


Hey Family!

I'm alive and well after my first day at the MTC!  Chase dropped me off and i got picked up by my buddy Sam Tempest!  It's such a cool thing being here.  We pretty much went straight to class before a big orientation.  15 minutes before class was over I all of a sudden felt super faint and nauseous.  I was sweating like crazy and my face was super pale.  The district leaders took me to the health office and it turns out my blood sugar pretty much dropped to zero from the vaccine I got this morning - LOL.  Anyways my companion (Elder Finley from Salem, UT) waited for me while I recovered for 20 minutes drinking Gatorade, eating Saltine crackers.  The rest of the day has been fine and I recovered quickly.

My comp is super cool and our roommates are awesome as well.  elder Sorenson is from St. George and Elder Ha'o (I think : ) is from Hawaii... in JeriLu's ward!

I'm doing great, don't worry about me!

Bye!  Love You,

Elder Brown

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